04 September, 2014Liz Frankel

Dear Matt,
I am the Literary Manager at The Public Theater in New York.
I read the glowing reviews of your production of THE JUNGLE.The shows sounds quite intriguing and I'd love to read the script. Would you be willing to send it to me? Emailing it is fine.
Thank you!
All the best,
Liz Frankel
Literary Manager
The Public Theater
(212) 539-8533

28 July, 2014Doug Mancheski

Matt, this is Doug from Door County, we talked at Circle Tap after show. Guys
On Ice, the ice fishing musical is being taped for PBS this weekend to be aired in March. Hope ya can catch it. Need orl auditioning let me know. Reese M. filled me in a little what you're up to.

18 June, 2014Kimber Peaker-Lozano

Mr. Foss,
I am looking for a good adaptation of Alice in Wonderland to possibly produce in the near future. Your adaptation seems to have been very well received and looks quite interesting. Could you please tell me if it would be possible to obtain a perusal copy and information about royalties?
Thank you for your kind attention.
Kimber Peaker-Lozano

27 January, 2014Joe Kvoriak


Hope all is well....I'm still at Wayne (not sure if it's awesome, sad or where I need to be yet but it pays the bill) as part of my bidding for WSU I'm trying to update their alumni database. If you don't mind could you send me your email addess?

Also WSU will be in Chicago next Monday if you are around and want to catch up with Lavinia and Michael Barnes.

Hope everything is amazing...


19 March, 2013Don Hunter


Congrats on the disertation.

In April we are performing When Scott Comes Home.
I was reading the production history it says Matt Foss played Scott in 2001, was that you or is there someone else running around pretending to be Matt Foss?

03 September, 2012Dan Lombardo

Hi Matt,
I'm the Artistic Director of Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. I'd love to talk to you about your Six Characters adaptation. My number: 413-336-0764.
All the best,
Dan Lombardo

07 March, 2012Bob Neumann, Clarke University

Matt, congrats on your many awards ACTF on the national level.

26 February, 2012Emily Rudd

Hey Matt!

Thank you again for coming to our performance of These Shining Lives and responding to it after the show. It was by far the best response experience I've had yet!

I wanted to ask a couple things, but didn't want to have you take time specifically talking about me. Pretty much, I was wondering what you thought I did well with my performance as Catherine and, especially, what you think I could improve on? Anything to help me grow as an actor is much appreciated.

Thank you again!

23 January, 2012Bobby Neumann

Matt, I'm not sure if you remember me - I am the costume designer from Clarke University and I wanted to thank you for your kind words regarding our production of The Caretaker. Unfortunately, because of the schedule, we were unable to see your production of Six Characters. (Our load-out ended after your show began.) We were disappointed - we had wanted to see your work.

24 March, 2011Theater History 2

Hi Matt! Can\'t wait to take the test. Can we have extra credit. Nick didn't do his assignment....again.

01 April, 2010elizabeth copeland (beth klemz)

i thoroughly enjoyed perusing your webpage. it makes me miss you. you are one of the good ones. i wish circumstances were different so that i could live close by and go to all of your productions.

i live in nw montana of all places. my husband, david, works for prairie bible college, which is in alberta, canada. but part of the year we are down in montana at a camp that they outsource to. and great news i just got hired as the new on-call RN at mineral community hospital in superior, mt. it's a small rural hospital where i will get to do a little bit of everything. challenging, exciting and a little bit scary. i start on monday.

happy easter.

grace and peace,

30 October, 2009Jeannie Greenie

What do you know? Mattfoss.com is a real place with real people! I'm painting my nails blue right now. Are junior high girls the only folk left who still rock the blue nail polish? Have you ever painted your nails blue?

26 May, 2009Laura Heikkinen

Matt Foss! I dig the website, looks like you've continued your streak of humbled greatness :) I've been back in MI for a while (so much for Hollywood) and am eager to get back working on some projects, so if you're ever looking for a familiar face to work with, DEFINITELY feel free to get in touch. In the meantime, keep inspiring!

10 May, 2009claire syler

HI Matt!

Thanks so much for your kind note. It was great to meet you and I thoroughly enjoyed our conversation. I tried to Facebook you, but couldn't figure out which person to 'friend.' :) Please do stay in touch and best of luck with everything.

Cheers, Claire

28 January, 2009Samantha Moltmaker

Matt, after working with you in A View from The Bridge and attending your class for only a short time, I have learned an incredeible amount from you. I think you are a huge asset to our program and am dissappointed that you are leaving us soon, but I wish you the best of luck and am excited to see what you accomplish in the future.

27 January, 2009Ted Neda

Matt, you’re easily one of the most knowledgeable and imaginative people I’ve ever met. I’ve enjoyed working with you, and I hope I’ll have that honor again in the near future. I know you’ll be successful in anything you set your mind to.

27 January, 2009Matt Foss

...and to leave comments, use the contact tab at left. Thanks.

16 January, 2009Matt Foss

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